APATRIS (Stateless) is a nationwide street newspaper published by a horizontal coordination of seven editorial teams distributed geographically throughout the country.

The model of organization is based on decentralization, cooperation and exchange of the editorial teams within a nationwide community with the common goal of publishing the newspaper and to make diverse local interventions.

The newspaper is distributed for free in 18,000 copies.

We can send you each new edition of the newspaper by mail, if you wish to receive it, paying the shipping costs.

To be able to publish the newspaper on a regular basis, we need to cover a significant economic cost. If you consider that the project is worth it, a financial support of the newspaper would be great help for us.

Άγιος Παντελεήμονας- Τούμπα, ένας φασίστας δρόμος.

Η περιοχή της Τούμπας είναι μία τυπική γειτονιά των ανατολικών συνοικιών της Θεσσαλονίκης. Χτίστηκε από οικονομικούς πρόσφυγες στις αρχές του 20ού αιώνα και έκτοτε…